Recession Squeezing University Ag Research & Extension

There is an article in the latest Southeast Farm Press that is thought provoking (and I don't say that just because I'm employed by the university). I encourage you to read it and respond to the appropriate decision makers. Here is a short excerpt of that article written by Roy Roberson (follow the link to read the whole article

"In academic circles the so-called Land-Grant Death Spiral has been talked about for years. The general public doesn’t generally understand the phenomena or its importance. If research and Extension programs went away all of a sudden versus the predicted slow death spiral, the general public likely wouldn’t know or care — after all well over 90 percent of us no longer live on a farm.

As the infrastructure that made us the greatest food producing nation in history begins to erode, the public will likely take notice. And, likely they won’t like what they find. What looked like a great tax dollar-saving cut during the recession won’t likely look so good once our revitalized economy starts importing double and triple the amount of food we currently bring into the U.S. The food might taste much the same, but the cost will be considerably harder to digest."

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