Introduction to the NC Herb Association

Young adults "thinking" about herbs at the 2009 Wild Herb Weekend in Valle Crucis, NC.
There is a rising interest in herbs of all kinds; culinary, medicinal, aromatic, and ornamental.  People interested in herbs like to share their knowledge, learn as much as they can, and be around other "herbal folks".  If you are one of these "herb people", and you live in North Carolina or one of the surrounding states, you should check out the North Carolina Herb Association (NCHA).  It is a small organization of herb professionals, including growers, processors, herbalists, crafters, educators, and researchers, and herb enthusiasts, ie., hobbyists.  Every year the NCHA hosts Wild Herb Weekend at the Valle Crucis Conference Center (  That alone is a good reason to belong!  It is a magical weekend in a beautiful high country location.  Every year there is a wide diversity of topics covered, with workshops, walks, and lectures.  This year Richo Cech of Horizon Herbs ( and his daughters, Sena (author, illustrator, herbalist) and Nadja (natural products chemist), were speakers.  The association publishes a beautiful newsletter and has a great website.  Next summer, they will be one of the organizers/sponsors of the the first Piedmont Herb Festival.  And the website contains a wealth of good information.  The association exists to educate people about herbs, support research, and support the NC herb industry.  I have served as an advisor to the board for 20 years.  Check out their website at and consider getting involved.

Richo Cech leading an herb walk at the 2009 Wild Herb Weekend

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