The Rain: Too Much at the Wrong Time

Here is the southern counties of western North Carolina, it has been raining for days on end.  About 3 am Saturday, the rain REALLY started coming down, and it has been steady ever since.  The French Broad River and other local rivers and streams are flooding.  There are many fields of tomatoes, peppers, nursery stock, hay, and sod totally under water right now.  The apple orchards, many of which suffered severe hail damage two weeks ago, are being further damaged by the excessive rain.  My heart goes out to these farmers.  Years of drought followed by one with excessive rain at harvest; it just isn't fair.

If ever there was a time to support your local farmer, this is it.  Please show up at the tailgate markets and road side stands and buy whatever local produce is available.  Let's try to come up with some creative ways to help these hard-working stewards of the land who provide food for table and help maintain the natural beauty of our region.

Extension agent, Sue Colucci, has a good post for farmers about how to handle their flooded crops at

See pictures of the flooding in my area at:

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