Hops Production Meeting
November 18, 2009
1:00 to 5:00 PM
Camp New Life at the Mountain Research Station
Waynesville, NC
Are you interested in growing hops? We've pulled together a group of horticulture experts, hops growers, and other knowledgeable individuals to explain what is involved in growing hops, what the current and projected market situation is, our best estimates of the economics of local production, and how we can all work together to grow the WNC hops industry. Several local commercial hops growers will share their perspectives after a year or two of production. For more information, contact Erin_Freeman@ncsu.edu or Tim_Mathews@ncsu.edu. Meeting fee is $5; pay at the door. Cash only, please. Please RSVP to the Haywood County Extension Office at 828-456-3575 or Erin_Freeman@ncsu.edu. Directions: http://www.ncagr.gov/Research/MountainResearchStationWaynesville.htm.

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