Tim Will of Foothills Connect Wins 2009 Purpose Prize

Tim Will.  Photo from the Foothills Connect website
Congratulations, Tim!!  Tim Will, founder of Foothills Connect (http://www.foothillsconnect.com/), has won the 2009 Encore Purpose Prize.  This prize is given to social innovators over the age of 60 who are making a positive impact in society in their second careers.  Tim's mission was to bring broadband internet to rural Rutherford County.  He chose agriculture as the means to help make that happen.  Working with chefs in the Charlotte area, he developed a demand for locally grown food.  Chefs and other buyers can purchase this local food through a website where the farmers post what they have available.  Check it out at http://www.farmersfreshmarket.org/.  Rutherford County and the surrounding area have been hard hit during this recession.  Tim has provided a way for some of these people to make an income.  He has also provided a program for folks to learn how to grow organically through an 8-week sustainable agriculture program.  Once again, congratulations, Tim!  A fine example of what an individual with a dream and a lot of tenacity can accomplish.

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