Cane Creek Asparagus & Company

Goodies from the Cane Creek CSA.  Photo from their website.
Glenda Ploeger and her husband Robert run a delightful little family farm in Fairview, NC just outside of Asheville.  Even though I have never visited the farm personally, I have followed its progress through the years as it has developed from growing asparagus primarily for sale to restaurants to now being a premium CSA farm with a regional reputation.  They are one of the few CSA's I know that can say that is the only way they sell their produce! They grow over 60 varieties of vegetables on six acres and obviously do so with great care and attention.  Just read the multitude of reviews from their CSA customers; they love the service and the produce.  Glenda and Robert supply  their customers with newsletters and recipes and have a nice little feature on their website; a vegetable identification guide with pictures of all the vegetables and their names.  Gives you a good idea of what you will get if you purchase a share in their CSA!  They are entering their tenth year as a CSA, growing their food in an intentional, sustainable manner, using an integrated pest management strategy.  I suggest you check out their website.

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