Truffle Fest in Asheville Starts Thursday

Perhaps you are a farmer considering a new crop, a landowner wanting to try to grow something unusual, an investor looking for a unique enterprise, a foodie, or just someone who is looking for a fun way to spend the weekend.  The 2nd Annual National Truffle Fest might just be the thing for you!

I am interested in this festival because of the growers' forum.  I attended last year and learned so much in a few hours from experts from around the world.  It was an incredibly valuable experience for me and has helped me considerably over the past year as I have advised people who are interested in growing truffles.  This year, Franklin Garland, who has made truffles his life work, will kick off the grower forum on Friday morning.  Yours truly will give a presentation on the resources that state agencies and various non-profits can offer to truffle producers.  That will be followed by a presentation by Dr. Gregory Bonito from Duke on North American truffle diversity.   Then Pat and John Martin of Virginia Truffle Growers will give a talk on truffling.  Lisa Kennell, a dog detection specialist, will explain how to train a truffle dog.  Thierry and Amy Farges of Transatlantic Foods will provide a global view on the growing, consuming, and cooking of truffles.  And finally, Chef Bob Pasarelli will give a demo on the care and use of truffles.  Should be very interesting.  There will also be some wine related presentations.  And you don't want to miss the reception on Thursday evening and the Winemaker dinners on Friday night held at local participating restaurants.  Saturday will be a chef's truffle risotto competition and a fabulous Chef and Vinter Gala in the evening.  All of this is a fundraiser for the Frankie Lemmon Foundation and will be held at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville.

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