NC Organic Farmers: Participate in Graduate Student Interview & Possibly Win $50!

Cover crop research at Mills River

Chelsi Crawford is a graduate student working with Dr. Julie Grossman in Soil Science to determine from which sources farmers learn about cover cropping and how they translate that knowledge into practice on farm. She is in search of NC organic (certified or non-certified) farmers who use cover crops, regardless of cropping system, scale of operation, or experience with farming. This study will produce some interesting information about sources of information for organic farmers in North Carolina as well as how decisions are made with regard to the use of cover crops. As compensation, she will enter each participant into a drawing for $50 and two SARE publications entitled Building Soils for Better Crops and Managing Cover Crops Profitably.

She is scheduling brief (30-45 min.) on-farm interviews across NC.  If you are interested in participating in the study, please contact her at: or (919) 219-9497.
Thanks for helping our graduate students.

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