Friday, April 30, 2010

Herbicide Carryover Bioassay Results

Picture from Sue Colucci's blog
Sue Colucci, area specialized extension agent for Henderson, Buncombe, and Haywood counties, is working with a farmer who is having problems with herbicide carryover in manure.  She worked with him to perform the bioassay that I have described to you several times.  She just published those results, with pictures, on her blog.  I urge you to read this over and bookmark it so you can find it again.  Here's the link:
Great job, Sue.  Thanks!

This is a reminder to be very cautious about the use of manure and compost for your garden and farm.  They can be wonderful additions to the soil; I personally use them all the time.  But you need to know the history of the materials.  We have a publication on this topic that covers it indepth.  It is located on my website at  We have just revised and expanded that publication.  It is in its final stages of preparation and should be available real soon.

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