Help me out! Come dig some medicinal herbs.

This is the shade structure & what the plants looked like last spring (there are lots of weeds in there now)
Our medicinal herb research program is undergoing some changes.  As part of the process, we are moving all the herbs we’ve been growing under an artificial shade structure (for 19+ years) to the woods. With the help of the Henderson County Master Gardeners, we moved all that we intend to move, but there is lots of material left.  We intend to take the structure down and till the area up, so any plant material that is still there will be destroyed.  I hate to see that happen!  So, if you are interested in digging some of these herbs, for replanting or for using as medicine, you can come out to the research station and get it.  There is lots of mayapple and black cohosh, a little goldenseal, wild ginger, and bloodroot, a few ramps, and maybe some other plants I didn’t notice.  Bring your own digging tools, gloves, and buckets.  The price is $5 per bucket (you bring your own bucket).  The money will go to the research station operations. 

You are welcome to come dig tomorrow and Friday (April 21 and 22), and if there is material left, on Monday (April 25).  Please call me before you come at 684-3562 so we can make sure to have someone out there.

The research station is located near the Asheville airport.  Directions are here:

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