What Does Our Research Hop Yard Look Like Now?

We are getting lots of inquiries about our research hop yard and how it is doing.  I don't have the time right now to give a full update, but here are recent pictures.
This group of pictures was taken on July 28, 2011.  This was our first harvest, so we were figuring out our methods as we went along.
The strings are slack because we lower the top wire to facilitate harvesting.
We harvest into small containers because these are research plots.  We have five plants of each of the ten varieties, but that is replicated four times (so we actually have 20 plants of each variety).
Just another shot to show how lowering the bines facilitates harvest.  You also get a good view of our major weed control method.
More harvesting.
This gives a good view of the number of cones on this particular variety (no, I don't know which one this was).
The first time we dried our hops we put them in bags in a forced air dryer at 100 degrees F.  That caused some browning.  The next time we laid them out in a single layer on the screens in my big herb dryer and that worked great.  The cones stayed almost as green as when they were fresh.
This was just a nice shot taken on July 6th.  This was three weeks before harvest.
We had a public hop yard tour on July 18th.  The morning was cold and wet, but 60-70 people turned out to learn and share.

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