Growing the NC Broccoli Industry: Please Answer A Few Questions for Me!

NC is part of a multi-state project to develop an East Coast Broccoli industry (  We have received tremendous interest from farmers across the state who have heard about the project and would like to grow broccoli on a large scale.  To assist them in their decision making, the Cornell economists on this project are creating budgets and projections for each state.  They need a few pieces of information that I don't have.  Would you please take a few minutes to try to answer these few questions. I don't expect you to do research or make a bunch of phone calls or anything; just give me the information you have in your head.  Answer what you can; leave the rest blank.  You can either answer in the comment section here, through Facebook, or send me an email at Jeanine_Davis@ncsu.eduThank you so very much. 

1. Do you grow broccoli commercially, i.e., to sell?

2. If yes, how much do you grow each year (in acres)?

3. Are you interested in growing broccolii commercially?

4. Is an average land rent figure of $63/acre accurate?  If not, please give a figure that seems right to you.

5. What is the average wholesale price that farmers are receiving for broccoli in your area?

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