The 19th Organic Growers School is this weekend!

Okay, it's almost here.  The event that says "spring" to me more than any other.  I'm talking about the Organic Growers School Spring Conference which will be held this weekend, March 3 and 4, at the UNC-Asheville campus.  If you have never attended before, do yourself a favor and plan to come out this year, but come on Sunday because Saturday is going to be packed.  We have an overflow attendance pre-registered already AND there are going to be big basketball games on campus (Southern Conference games).

So why do I think everyone should attend this event?  Because based on all the phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, and Tweets I get, you all want to grow your own food, make your own medicine, generate your own power, build your own house, keep your own bees, pickle your own pickles, and make your own cheese.  And this is just the place to learn how to do all of that.  And best of all, most of the classes are taught by folks who actually are doing what they will teach you about.  Yes, there a few university professors thrown in there, but even many of them "walk the talk".

So check out the website at Organic Growers School and I will see you at registration (I'll be taking the credit card payments).

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