How the NC Component of the East Coast Broccoli Project is Looking

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the North Carolina trials of the East Coast Broccoli Project.  We have been busy planting our expanded Phase I trials which include many new breeding lines that we are evaluating for western North Carolina conditions. We also have a smaller selection of varieties and breeding lines that we are planting out over many dates to see how they respond under ideal and not so ideal broccoli growing conditions, i.e., heat and cold.

First Step Farm is growing all our transplants for this project and the plants are always beautiful. Thanks, guys!  After we bring the plants to the field, we sort out the plants for each plot into paper bags marked with the plot number.

Then we organize the bags in the order they need to go into the field.

Then we set the bags alongside the plots where the plants need to be transplanted (not a bad place to work, huh?  This is the Mountain Research Station in Waynseville, NC).

One person walks alongside and hands the plants in the bag to the two people riding on the waterwheel transplanter. We are setting double rows into raised beds with white-on-black plastic mulch and drip-irrigation.

Here are plants that were set a few weeks ago.

And some older plants. Everything looks great because of my dedicated staff (thanks, ladies!) and the staff of the Mountain Research Station.

This project is led by Cornell University and is funded by a USDA-SCRI grant.

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