Seeking Some Feedback About Our NC Hops Program, Please!

We are nearing the end of one of our hops research grants and we would like to get some feedback about whether we are making a meaningful contribution to the knowledge base about growing hops in the Southeast.  We have a hops website ( ), post about hops on our blog  ( ), post some of our Powerpoints (, and give presentations at numerous conferences and workshops in the Southeast. If you are growing hops or interested in growing hops, we’d like to know if the information we are providing is helpful to you.  We will also be producing a hops production leaflet this winter.

We know you are busy, so if you could just answer these three questions with “yes” or “no”, we would very much appreciate it.  If you have just discovered us, please review the information we've provided before answering. 

Please respond in the comment section below, or if you would like your name added to our hops email list, please send your responses in an email to

1.      Do you know more about growing hops now then you did two years ago?

2.      Are you more knowledgeable about hop varieties now then you were two years ago?

3.      Is there more information available to you about growing hops then there was two years ago?

Thank you, Jeanine Davis and Kelly Gaskill

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