Thursday, December 6, 2012

Broccoli Varieties for Western NC

We have just completed year two of the East Coast Broccoli Project with testing of 39 entries, breeding lines and a few commercial varieties, taking place at five locations from Maine to South Carolina. A common question I am getting from growers is "based on your tests, which broccoli varieties do you recommend?"  The study we did this year, and will do for the next three years, compares public and private breeding lines with a few commercially available industry standards that we identified last year. So the only recommendations I can make are based on the large trial of commercial varieties that we conducted in Waynesville in 2011.  The research we are conducting will lead to new varieties bred specifically for our region. 

So, based on the commercial varieties that we grew in 2011, and we didn't grow every variety available, these are the ones we recommend for this region.  Again, keep in mind that this is based on a one year trial:
  • Bay Meadows
  • Diplomat
  • Emerald Crown
  • Green Magic
  • Lieutenant
  • Sarasota
  • Steel
  • Tradition


  1. Are these evaluated for cut and come again or once over harvests?

  2. These are being evaluated for once over harvests but we are noting those that produce side-shoots since so many people growing for CSAs and tailgate markets have a good market for them.

  3. I live in Denver, Colorado and I would like to know which crops would grow best in the climate I live in and also when I should plant my seeds, what type of soil I should use, and natural ways of dealing with pests.

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  4. Alice anne, I suggest you talk with the Cooperative Extension folks in Colorado. Our growing conditions in western NC are too different from your own for my advice to be much help to you. Good luck!