Our Hops Workshop was a Huge Success

The hops workshop on March 16th was attended by over 100 people and met all the goals that Kelly Gaskill and I had set for it. Our reason for putting on the workshop was that we were increasingly concerned by the number of phone calls and emails that we had been receiving from people who had (in our opinion) unrealistic expectations about how much money they could make growing hops. When a person called me and told me that someone locally told them that they could $195,000 per acre growing hops and selling them to the new breweries in the region, we knew we had to hold a workshop and let people hear what the real story was from experienced hop growers and a local brewer.  And that is exactly what happened.  Our special surprise guest speaker, Dr. Greg Lewis, hops breeder with a career of hops growing experience in several countries, was an extra special treat. I overheard someone say "He is a hops encyclopedia".

We were also very fortunate to have David Ackley write an article about the workshop. You can find that on his blog: Local Beer Blog.

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