Late Blight Confirmed in Asheville, NC

Late blight alert:
Dr. Kelly Ivors, plant pathologist at the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center in Mills River sent out this alert this evening:

Late blight was detected in a West Asheville tomato garden. It is now in our general area. Details on the disease can be found here:
And details on how to manage it, can be found here:

From Jeanine Davis:
There is a good article by Dr. Margaret McGrath, plant pathologist at Cornell University on late blight on tomatoes and potatoes in organic production.  It can be accessed here:

In western NC, we have had some success in the past with holding off late blight by alternating copper and Serenade.  Some organic growers have reported success with alternating copper, Serenade, and Regalia.  As both of the pathologists point out in their articles, however, these products have to be present on the foliage before the late blight spores land on the leaves. With all the rain we are having, it is making it very difficult to keep spray materials on the foliage.

Good luck, everyone!

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