Acetic Acid (Vinegar) as an Herbicide

I was having a discussion with a colleague about organic agriculture the other day and the subject of weed control came up. Here is western North Carolina weed control is one of the major challenges in an organic system. He made the comment that there are no effective organic herbicides. I have tested a number of commercial organic herbicides and wasn't too impressed. The biggest problem I had with those herbicides was that for them to be effective they needed to be applied when the weeds were very small. I invariably missed that narrow window of weed size for effective control.

But in the past two years I've been reading about and hearing from growers about the effective use of vinegar for weed control. I remember trying household (5% acetic acid) vinegar years ago and not being impressed, but higher concentration products are now available. But do they really work?  Is there research to back it up?  I quick search of the literature (internet) showed that they can indeed be effective.

The study that I think demonstrated this very clearly and simply is this one from Cornell Extension:
Evaluation of acetic acid based herbicides for use in broad-spectrum turfgrass and weed control

Here is one from Canada:
Acetic Acid for Weed Control in Organic Potato

Another from Cornell University
Vinegar for Weed Control in Bell Pepper and Broccoli

And one by researchers in Egypt and Florida
Natural Herbicides

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