Red Root Natives Nursery-A Local Source for Native Woodland Botanical Plants

I have been receiving many inquiries lately about where to buy native medicinal herb seeds and plants. So over the next few months I will tell you about some of the nurseries that I am familiar with. Please know there are many out there and I can tell you about all of them! If I miss one of your favorites, please tell me so I can get to know them, too.

I like to promote our local agricultural businesses and this one gives me particular pleasure to do so. Jean Harrison runs Red Root Natives Nursery in Asheville, NC. Jean is a long-time friend who was also my employee for a time. I have enjoyed watching her life journey from researcher to extension agent to nurserywoman. What I find very special about her nursery is that she offers so many of the plants that my staff and I work with on a daily basis, grow in our woodland demonstration gardens, provide information on through our website, and that I cover in my book 'Growing and Marketing Ginseng Goldenseal and Other Woodland Medicinals'.

Jean has done an incredible job growing these plants; some of which are quite challenging to germinate and grow in a nursery setting. Her training as a plant pathologist, extensive experience working with other plant growers, and love of native plants give her an edge over many other nurseries. The picture above of goldenseal is from her website. I encourage you to stop by and see what she has to offer. Also, check out her events tab and find out where she will be next spring so you can select your plants and talk with her personally.

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