Did You See Our Video on Growing Bloodroot?

Margaret and I have been getting many inquiries about bloodroot. People want to grow it for its medicinal uses and as a dye plant for textiles and crafts. Others just think it is a lovely plant to have in their shade gardens.
Several years ago we had a bloodroot project and Margaret Bloomquist and my former employee Alison Dressler created this wonderful little video on how to grow it. Here is a link to OUR BLOODROOT VIDEO.
The picture above is freshly harvested bloodroot and the picture below are some of the beautiful baskets made by Cherokee artists using bloodroot as one of the dyes. These baskets can be purchased at the Qualla Arts and Crafts Gallery in Cherokee, NC.
If you would like to see us do more projects like this, consider making a donation to our program. It is quick and easy, just CLICK HERE! We would be pleased to list your name as a Friend of the NC Alternative Crops and Organics Program.

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